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Be the ExampleIn order to be an effective leader, you don’t necessarily need a title or position of authority. You simply need to be the example. As someone who is looked up to and followed, your actions speak louder than any words you could ever say. So if you want to lead others in a biblical way, start by setting the example yourself. The leadership principles found in the Bible are some of the most powerful guidelines for leadership today. By becoming an example of these principles, you can not only influence those around you for good, but you can also change the world.

Don’t shepherd by ruling over those entrusted to your care, but become examples to the flock.
1 Peter 5:3

Peter provides a powerful reminder that leadership isn’t about ruling over others, but rather setting the example for those who follow. When you lead in this way, people will be drawn to you because they see your authentic leadership. They’ll know that you’re not just trying to control them, but that you genuinely care about their well-being.

Follow these principles to establish yourself as an example of biblical leadership in your organization:


As a leader, you must be a person of integrity. This means that your words and actions match up. People will be watching you closely to see if you’re truly living out what you say. If you’re not, they’ll quickly lose trust in you as a leader.


Prideful leaders are often more concerned with their own agendas than the needs of those they’re supposed to be leading. But a biblical leader is called to humility. This means putting others first and considering their needs above your own. When you lead with humility, people will know that you care about them and want what’s best for them.


A biblical leader isn’t someone who expects to be served, but rather someone who is willing to serve others. This doesn’t mean that you have to do everything for everyone, but it does mean that you’re always looking for ways to help. When you lead with a servant’s heart, people will know that they can trust you to help them when they need it.


A biblical leader isn’t afraid to take risks. They’re bold and courageous, even when the odds are against them. This doesn’t mean that you should be reckless, but it does mean that you should have the courage to stand up for what you believe in. When you’re bold, people will know that you’re not afraid to fight for what’s right.


A biblical leader is someone who seeks wisdom from God. They know that they can’t do everything on their own and they’re not afraid to ask for help. When you seek God’s wisdom, you’ll be able to make better decisions that will benefit those you’re leading.

If you’re in the market for new leadership, securing leaders that set the example of these biblical principles is vital. FaithSearch consultants bring more than 130 years of cumulative experience in faith-based executive search. If you’re looking for differential leaders throughout your organization that can have a positive impact on your people and community, FaithSearch excels in securing leaders for nonprofit, higher education, healthcare organizations, and faith-driven corporations.

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