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Faithful Talent Solutions for Organizations on a Mission

Our Nonprofit+ team is the executive networking resource for faith-based nonprofits, ministries, churches, K-12 academic institutions, and other organizations seeking mission-focused senior leaders. Our consultants bring 60+ years of executive search experience to clients who are drawn to our commitment to delivering candidates with equal parts proven leadership experience and deep alignment with organizational mission, values, and culture.

From small, niche marketplace operations to national category leaders, domestic nonprofits to global ministries, our team of nonprofit experts serve the complete spectrum of mission-focused organizations that value leadership with strong spiritual values. Our network stretches across the U.S. and into many other countries, uniquely equipping our Nonprofit+ team to help your business, ministry, or organization find the very best match for your needs.

NonProfit+ Nonprofits


Nonprofit leadership must be able to serve the mission of the organization while leading their business into the future.

NonProfit+ Churches


Successful churches need visionary leaders that can build the organization according to their biblical vision.

NonProfit+ K12


K-12 academics need leaders that understand the unique needs of the school, students, faculty, and staff.

Active NonProfit+ Searches & News

Our executive search consultants aren’t head hunters who focus solely on placing candidates. Our team brings years of nonprofit experience that covers charitable organizations, ministries, K-12 schools, and churches, so we know your business and the types of leadership you need.

In addition to our experience in your industry, we excel at finding and securing the right leadership for your faith-based organization.

Check out our latest active searches and news:


Our NonProfit+ Team

We’ve been a leader in the faith-based executive search space for the last 15 years and that is directly attributable to our people and our faith. We don’t believe in hiring search consultants and teaching them your industry. We believe in hiring experienced professionals from your industry and teaching them executive search.

Our NonProfit+ team has decades of combined experience serving the world through ministry and charitable organizations and deep experience identifying elite leaders best suited for mission-focused organizations.


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