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The retirement of a central executive leader, if not handled well, can throw a ministry for a loop, launching it into a season of uncertainty, identity crisis and inaction. Conversely, if the organization is well prepared, a leader’s retirement can be a breath of fresh air for both the leader and the ministry, beginning a new season of growth.

Mike Bonem’s white paper, Preparing for Ministry Leadership Transitions, explores the necessary steps to achieving a healthy executive transition: understanding the complexity of transitions, effective preparation within the ministry and effective personal preparation by the executive. From navigating and addressing the anxiety that bubbles up within staff and stakeholders to defining roles and establishing future plans, Bonem details not only the actions that should be taken but when to take them to ensure the most successful transition

By addressing common reactions to ministry leadership changes and the unproductive or even toxic thoughts that can swirl around them, Bonem shares practical ways to prepare for, execute and accept a leadership change with grace and a confidence in God’s sovereignty. Read the full white paper HERE.

For more information about Bonem’s consulting, coaching, speaking, and writings, visit his website

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