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Development Operations Coordinator

The Development Operation Coordinator for Empart USA is a key hire, not only for the USA operations, but also as a facilitator and thought leader for all the global component operations of Empart International. The Development Operations Coordinator will become the point-person charged with coordination and implementation of Empart USA’s marketing plan with development events and donor management programs developed around the Raiser’s Edge system. Raiser’s Edge was donated to the Empart organization as a means for developing a global, integrated platform for donor management and fund raising coordination each country-specific Empart organization and the full network of fund raising support operations around the world, collectively known as Empart International.

In preparing the way for full and effective marketing events, donor management and development operations, the Development Operations Coordinator will have access the technical talent and financial resources necessary to create, implement and manage the most effective common global platform possible. The challenge and opportunity of the Development Operations Coordinator position is to plan, track, manage, and account for all development efforts via Empart USA’s marketing plan, utilizing the donor management infrastructure of Raiser’s Edge .

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