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Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) for The Chalmers Center for Economic Development at Covenant College will serve as the principal intersection of accountability for organizational strategy, development and deployment of resources, facilitation of constituent consensus and encouragement of spiritual depth and thought leadership for The Chalmers Center. He/she will be responsible for operationalizing strategies, which will allow for both the domestic and global scaling of the organization’s mission.

In collaboration with Brian Fikkert, the Executive Director of The Chalmers Center for Economic Development, the COO will leverage an active intellectual property pipeline as well as existing successful programs to continuously expand and improve the global work of The Chalmers Center. He/she will oversee program budgeting, financial accountability, human resource strategy, organizational development, information technology, and implementation strategy for the organization as it scales around the world through local churches. He/she will develop and support both an environment and culture that is consistent with the mission and values of The Chalmers Center and consistent with a commitment to Jesus Christ.

The Chalmers Center for Economic Group hires Randy Russ as new COO. Click Here to read more.

Development Operations Coordinator
Chief Financial Officer

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