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Chief Executive Officer

We are seeking a new CEO for Biblica who will build upon this great legacy in the next season of global ministry to deliver God’s Word to the world. Biblica has never sought to “own every mile of the pipeline” but rather works effectively through multiple distribution channels and ministry partners and through customized solutions that leverage a wide variety of print, audio and digital media. The next CEO will continue this tradition and seek to expand the global stature of Biblica as one of the most dedicated and cross-culturally informed platforms for Bible translation, distribution and engagement.

Reporting to the Biblica Board of Directors, the CEO will lead the vision, mission, and strategic direction for the global ministry with the objective of successfully implementing the approved three year strategic plan to translate and distribute the whole Bible to the 100 largest language groups in the world, increase Bible engagement and strengthen Biblica for maximum impact.

Executive Director
Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration

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