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Coaching CarouselThe college football coaching carousel has become an annual right of passage. Collegiate athletics’ highest profile sport continues to shuffle its leadership deck on a yearly basis – all in an effort to find the right leader that will lead each organization to sustained, long-term success. As dominoes fall and new leadership takes shape, the coaching carousel highlights the importance of securing leaders that fit into your organizational culture.

College football is a microcosm of business as a whole. Teams fall short of expectations and a firing and hiring frenzy ensues as young coaches with shiny new leadership styles become all the rage. There’s a tendency for knee-jerk reactions, overspending, and quick hires that are polar opposites of the style that just failed.

And that’s where executive search experts come into play. Sure, you could back the proverbial Brinks truck up and give a candidate an offer they can’t refuse – most organizations can’t do that. But even if you could, would you want to? And better yet, how often does that actually result in the long-term success you seek?

Choosing your organizational leadership is one of the most important decisions your organization can make. Engaging an executive search firm that listens to your organizational goals, gets to know and understand your culture, shares your values, has experience in your industry, and focuses on finding the right fit for your organization is vital to your long-term success – in sports, for-profit businesses, nonprofits, healthcare, and education.

“Ed Fry and FaithSearch kept us on track and produced a great slate of candidates for our interviews. I was impressed by how quickly the FaithSearch team adjusted to meet our changing needs ….”

-David Jimenez, Board Member & Presidential Search Committee Chair

It’s often difficult to pace yourself in the rush to make an impact hire. You want to make a splash … feel pressured to bring in a big name or someone with just the right experience. In those moments, it’s often more prudent to slow down. Meet with experts in executive search. Turn to the professionals that can help you find the right fit for your organization. It’s more important to hire the right leader than to hire a leader quickly. The last thing you want is for your leadership team to look like a coaching carousel.

Finding, vetting, and securing the right leaders for your organization can be a daunting task and it’s vital to secure the right leaders at all levels of the organization. FaithSearch consultants bring more than 125 years of cumulative search experience in faith-based executive search. If you’re looking for differential leaders throughout your organization that can have a positive impact on your people and community, FaithSearch excels in securing leaders for nonprofit, academic, and athletic organizations.

Contact the FaithSearch team today for more information.

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