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Executive Chairman

The role of Executive Chairman requires a mature Christian executive eager to utilize their market developed expertise to expand the Lord’s Kingdom in the context of the Christian camping experience. This executive will be known for organizational development skills and for his/her ability to effectively communicate with all stakeholders in this decentralized organization. This position requires a unique level of expertise and intellectual agility as it will be responsible for creating a best practices infrastructure as well as an environment in which staff will be able to connect effectively with each other to further the mission of KAA. The Executive Chairman will orchestrate institutional wide standard operating procedures, set clear goals & standards, develop budgeting protocols, oversee all organizational development, and establish clear lines of reporting. She/he will create an environment of accountability through best practices, develop a system of staff appraisals, and implement an effective protocol for conflict resolution.

The Executive Chairman will report to the Board of Directors, and will strive to place the leadership team in a position to allow the Board to return their focus to a role of governance. While relocation is not required, the Executive Chairman will need to establish a strong presence in the Branson area and be prepared to travel there frequently.

C12 Area Chairs
Chief Development Officer

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