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Deputy Executive Director

HEART is seeking a Deputy Executive Director who will gracefully succeed the respected Founder of the organization, whose faithfulness and prayerful leadership in more than 30 years of ministry service in Africa has attracted resources and talent to HEART, now in its 18th year of sustainable Kingdom impact.  Successful ministry work in Africa is often as much or even more dependent on trusting relationships than great processes and systems alone. Initially hired as the Deputy Executive Director, the candidate will be able to appreciate the invaluable time of transitional mentorship and learning that the Founder will provide. During this time, the Founder and Deputy Executive Director will work together, insuring adequate time for the Deputy Executive Director to fully understand HEART’s organizational history, current programs and current partnerships and fundraising resources.

Resource development skills are key for this position, as well as a passion for Africa and the health and holistic transformation of the people of Kenya. HEART’s focus is the empowerment of HIV positive mothers and their children implementing “orphan prevention” approach that creates a generational sustainable impact. As the Deputy Executive Director effectively articulates this to donor audiences, those audiences will better understand and respond to the critical mission driving HEART.

HEART requires a leader who is committed to prayerfully leading the team to reach the financial goals that allow the essential work of HEART to continue.  In addition to HEART’s focus as noted above, our work includes HIV/AIDS intervention, malaria prevention, school retention programs and other initiatives related to shelter, nutrition, health education, psycho-social support, leading to self-sufficiency and economic independence.

To apply for this position, please send resumes and cover letters directly to:

Vice President, Lionheart Pride Program

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