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National Christian business leader peer advisory network, the C12 Group, recently welcomed two new leaders to its Dallas, TX and Salem, OR markets. These leaders, or C12 Chairs, will establish and lead roundtable meetings of Christian business leaders looking to integrate business best practices with Biblical principles. The new Chairs, Mike Gullatt (Dallas) and Griff Lindell (Salem), assumed their roles in early January as a direct result of FaithSearch Partners’ ongoing strategic partnership with the C12 Group, which centers around identifying C12 Chairs in target cities across the country.

Mike Gullatt, who was most recently SVP of Operations for an energy conservation firm and has a long career in corporate marketing, said he has always been passionate about combining business and faith, and is excited about the opportunity C12 affords to do just that. He attended C12 training in San Antonio, TX in early December, and although the process was “intense,” he reported feeling a strong sense of comradery with the fellow new Chairs in his cohort of four. “Getting together with other Chairs is really beneficial, especially when you’re just starting out,” he said. “Our group was from coast-to-coast. There was a gentleman from Phoenix, another from Portland – it really reminds you that you’re not alone and that God is at work everywhere.”

C12’s model is to equip Chairs in local markets to recruit new C12 members and lead them, via meetings or “roundtables,” in strategies to improve their business acumen while also integrating faith. C12’s MBA-level curriculum is the foundational tool Chairs use to guide members through the program.

Mike, who has no experience in direct sales, was excited by the opportunity to mentor others, but leery about building his own C12 practice. “Starting a business is daunting,” he said. “You have to be certain that this – C12 – is God’s calling for you, because it’s not just a job, it’s truly for a greater purpose.” He added that the tools he received in training, especially metrics around how many connections to make, were particularly helpful. “Knowing roughly how many people I should reach out to – that kind of information – has been really valuable as I go about making connections with potential members.”

Mike went on to attest to God’s faithfulness in the process so far. “I planned my first informational session about C12 back in January. I was aiming for five or six attendees, and I had ten,” he recounted. “That’s God – not me!”

Of the ten who attended that session, one became an official C12 member and will join Mike’s first roundtable group. “Building a core base of members will take some time, but C12 is there to support you, and no one I’ve talked to has said they aren’t interested,” he said.

About FaithSearch’s involvement in his recruitment as a Chair, Mike added, “FaithSearch Partners was great – I was extremely impressed by their methodical management of the [application and vetting] process and the lack of pressure I felt in the journey. They were a tremendous resource as I prayed about C12. I’m very grateful for that relationship.”

Griff Lindell, software company co-founder, entrepreneur, and newly-minted C12 Chair for the Salem, OR territory, was equally enthusiastic about FaithSearch Partners’ assistance throughout his exploration of C12 and eventual application to become a Chair. “The consultant I spoke with from FaithSearch was one of the best interviewers I’ve experienced in my career – I truly enjoyed my interactions with her. She built her questions logically and based on what I said, not what was on a piece of paper,” he recalled.

Griff was recently dean of a business school in Oregon, where he put together an advisory board comprised of leaders who were not alumni. It was through that effort that he first heard about the C12 program and mission. “I happened to get in touch with a C12 leader through my search to fill the business school advisory board. When I retired, that leader put the bug in my ear about C12,” he said. “The more I thought and prayed about it, the more peace I had about the opportunity.”

Griff held his first official roundtable earlier this month, and credits God and C12 with its success. “I partnered with another area Chair, who brought in two new members, and I brought in one,” he recounted.” It was exciting to hear these people pray together and see God at work in the group. Responses to our first question lasted nearly forty minutes – that was powerful. Facilitating meetings is not new to me, but ultimately this is God’s story, not mine.”

Griff plans to build on the momentum of his first roundtable and anticipates future success, Lord willing. “I’ve had a peace about this from the very beginning,” he said. “I attended my first Chair meeting in the fall and then got involved in training. God has been in this, every step of the way. I’ve seen his hand at every point.”

As part of his strategy to spread the word about the C12 program, Griff also plans to launch an online radio show in March called, “Leadership Minute with C12.” He’s confident God will bless that effort, too.

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