Tithing Philosophy

FaithSearch is dedicated to helping our clients find the most talented leaders who are driven by a strong personal faith commitment to their organization’s mission of ministry. Our core values are rooted in Biblical principles, and we strongly believe in the tenet of tithing.

At the conclusion of each successful search engagement, we tithe or set aside ten percent of our professional fees for that project to donate to a ministry or foundation that is directly impacted by that client. This isn’t a marketing gimmick. Tithing our professional fees is a company policy we’ve abided by since the completion of our very first search in 2007. It’s who we are, and it’s what we believe God expects from us.

We are humbled that in the first eight years, our firm has been able to give over $750,000 in financial support to help ministries and foundations associated with our clients to grow and better serve their communities.