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Technology Overload: Executive Search in the Digital Age

There are few – if any – industries in today’s economy that have not been affected by the technological advancements of the last 20 years and the field of executive search is no different. At FaithSearch Partners, we have been able to use some of the more recent technologies to improve and enhance our search processes. We’ve found, especially when it comes to research, technology has proven to be a huge asset. Communication has certainly become more rapid, the transfer of information has become more secure, many data sources have become more streamlined and some of our proprietary methods of research have become more reliable. However, in a world full of online job postings, professional networking sites and virtual candidate databases, there is one area of the search process that simply cannot be digitized – the interview.

Many businesses are embracing video or online interview technology and in many cases, using those types of interviews to replace in-person meetings. Digital interviews may be a reliable, cost-effective method for a company conducting a series of standardized screenings to fill an entry- to mid-level position. However, FaithSearch Partners is an executive search firm, which means we seek to fill high-level positions with only the most highly-qualified leaders. Furthermore, we manage search engagements exclusively for a faith-based clientele, which means we must also determine if the candidate’s personal values are in line with the organization’s mission and culture. These things cannot be determined without a face-to-face meeting with the candidate.

Online interviews appeal to many executive search firms because they appear to be more cost-effective than in-person meetings. A number of firms are more than willing to conduct a virtual interview to save money on travel, lodging and other costs traditionally associated with face-to-face interviews. However, a virtual interview does not give an organization a full impression or understanding of the candidate. By forgoing the in-person interview, the risk of selecting the wrong leader increases. An ill-fitting hire is far more costly than conducting a proper initial interview. In addition to the costs associated with retaining an executive search firm a second time, the organization is likely to suffer from the negative consequences that may result from a lapse in leadership including financial burden, management collapse or loss of public interest and trust.

At FaithSearch Partners, we stake our reputation on our ability to finding the right leader – not just a good leader – to serve our clients’ organizations. To do this, we have developed a proven process that utilizes the latest applied technologies as well as more traditional methods of search, including in-person interviews.

Click on the video below to hear more on this topic from FaithSearch Partners Senior Vice President, Ivan Bartolome. Don’t forget to share your thoughts or start a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of digitizing the search process with us on any of our social media outlets.


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