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Ministry Scenario of the Month: How Should Pastor Kitchens Handle a Willing Volunteer Leader?

The Scenario: Pastor Kitchens was generally pleased with the past several personnel committee meetings. With just one more scheduled meeting left, another round of filling positions for the church was coming to a close.

Yesterday one of his church members had called him and volunteered to fill one of the two remaining leadership positions. She was very enthusiastic and shared that from her perspective she would be the perfect fit for this position. Pastor Kitchens had thanked her for calling him and said that he would pass on her name for consideration to the personnel committee.

However, after the call ended he had an uneasy feeling about her real ability to handle the leadership requirements. The unfilled leadership position required someone who could handle personal information about members with total confidentiality and discretion. Yet, he had heard several times from reliable sources that this member was known to readily share gossip about others.

In addition, she almost sounded too eager to take on the leadership position, perhaps believing that it would be a means to boost her stature among other church members.

Pastor Kitchens felt an obligation to bring her name to the personnel committee, but he also held serious reservations about her ability to carry out the position requirements.

Your Turn: What would you advise Pastor Kitchens to do over the next few days before the next meeting? I’d love to hear your thoughts, and with your permission may include them in an upcoming column. Send your response to me at:

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