Our commitment to faith-based organizations extends not only to our executive search management services, but to sharing helpful information and resources to help build strong mission-driven teams.

We invite you to take advantage of these resources and share them with your colleagues and peers.

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Business, Faith, & Ethics: A Framework For Decision-Making

In this free whitepaper, you will learn: 

There are several qualities of faith-driven leaders that are invaluable strengths and transcend industry and ministry objectives. Whether working in Christian settings or secular ones, the strength of character and ethical decision-making that faith-focused leaders demonstrate often translates into more impactful, internally healthy organizations.

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How Faith-Driven Leaders are Changing Today’s Healthcare Landscape

In this free whitepaper, you will learn: 

Faith-driven leaders know healthcare is much more than just healing illness. It’s as much about spiritual, emotional and mental health as it is physical health; true wellness is multi-faceted. As the healthcare landscape is beginning to adopt the same philosophy, faith-driven leaders are impacting the industry now more than ever. Their leadership is shaping the direction of many large health systems and hospitals as many organizations shift their focus from services rendered to population health.

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5 Ways To Grow Your Nonprofit with Business Thinking

In this free whitepaper, you will learn: 

  • The importance of using real-time data to help drive decisions being made through the course of campaigns
  • Tell a confident and consistent brand story across all channels your organization uses to get your message out
  • Cultivate transparency and accountability within your organization to help donors understand your organization’s impact and results.

Utilize Business Thinking & Grow Your Nonprofit

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The Growth of Healthcare Sharing Ministries & Its Impact On Today’s Healthcare

In this free whitepaper, you will learn: 

  • How the increase in healthcare enrollment has affected the broader healthcare industry
  • About the impact of healthcare sharing ministries in today’s healthcare landscape

Understand The Growth Healthcare Sharing Ministries

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Nonprofit Executive Committee Prayer Guide

This free booklet will offer you the opportunity to:

  • Ensure prayer is part of the search process from beginning to end
  • Make the search part of your personal quiet times of study, refection, and prayer
  • Share devotions and prayer requests with other leaders

10 Devotions for Your Search Committee

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Executive Onboarding Checklist for Faith-Based Nonprofits

In this free executive onboarding checklist you will learn how to:

  • Identify overlooked elements of executive onboarding
  • Implement additional steps faith-based organizations must take to ensure leaders truly become a part of the organization
  • Improve internal communications that impact the performance and longevity of new leaders

Equip the Executive Hires that Drive Your Organization

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Nonprofit Executive Searches: 3 Limiting Misconceptions

In this free resource guide you will learn about: 

  • Long-term financial considerations involved with nonprofit executive searches
  • Challenges internal search committees face when relying on social networks and search engine research
  • Benefits the outside perspective of an executive search firm can provide

Maximize Your Talent Acquisition

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