elite leaders elevateIf the 2020 football season has shown us anything, it’s that elite leadership can have an immediate impact on an organization. Does your team have an elite leader?

The Bucs’ last playoff appearance came in 2007.  Their last playoff win was in their championship season of 2002. In the 17 seasons since 2002, they suffered through 12 losing seasons including a low mark of 2-14 in 2014. Over the last three seasons, the Bucs have gone 5-11, 5-11, and 9-7, respectively. So how’d they make it to the big game this year?  Two words – Tom Brady.

The guy is a winner. He’s a leader. In what many consider the most difficult position in all of sports, Brady has risen above every other quarterback who has ever played the game in longevity, effectiveness, and most importantly – wins.   

His career record is 230-69 and he’s 6-3 in THE biggest game. His six championships are more than any other player in league history with a chance for a seventh on Sunday. For much of his career, Brady was paired with Bill Belichick, widely considered one of the best coaches in league history. But this year, in his first year with a new team and at 43 years old – ancient by NFL quarterback standards – Brady is back where we’ve become accustomed to seeing him over the past two decades.

It truly is a testament to the fact that elite leaders get results. Differential leadership can have an immediate and lasting impact on an organization. The Bucs had a few good years in the early 2000s. But throughout their otherwise-futile existence, they’ve been difficult to watch. 7-9 last year.  5-11 the two years before that. Inject Brady and the organization has the opportunity to claim the sports’ biggest prize.   

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