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Our Professional Search Process

A deliberate, structured professional search process is a vital ingredient to assuring a successful search outcome. At FaithSearch Partners, our multi-step approach has proven to be both effective and efficient while also providing the flexibility needed for specific client needs.



FaithSearch personally meets with all of the key stakeholders related to a specific vacant position, including members of the board and search committee, the leadership team, managers reporting to the position, and other important constituents. The input from these meetings is synthesized into a comprehensive and confidential “Assessment Report,” which is provided to the search committee or the hiring executive. This report includes the ideal candidate profile, goals for the position and issues potentially impacting the position and/or the search process.

Research, Sourcing, Screening and Evaluating

Based on the approved candidate profile, FaithSearch proactively contacts potential prospects and referral sources regionally and/or nationally. As candidates express interest, we review resumes and conduct phone interviews. Those candidates appearing to best match the profile are personally interviewed by FaithSearch in a two hour, face-to-face meeting.

Candidate Presentation

FaithSearch presents its recommended candidate slate to the search committee or hiring executive in a personal, confidential meeting. Semi-finalists are selected to interview with the client.

Client Interviews and Additional Referencing

As first and second round candidate/client interviews occur, FaithSearch helps facilitate candidate travel and interview itineraries. In addition, in-depth candidate referencing is coordinated for the finalist(s).

Negotiations and Transitions

FaithSearch assists with the candidate/client negotiations, as needed, as well as helps to assure the successful candidate transitions appropriately into his/her new role during the new executive’s first year of service.

Research Methods

FaithSearch Partners is committed to our clients throughout every step of the search process. Our deliberate structured search process is vital to guaranteeing a successful outcome. Our efficient and effective multistep approach begins long before the actual search itself.

We start by conducting a client meeting with all the key stakeholders related to the specific vacant position including members of the board and search committee, the leadership team and the position’s direct reports, as well as managers who will report to the position once it has been filled. Our goal is to gain a deep understanding of the organization’s culture and our consultants work with the client to define exactly what they are looking for in the next leader.

Next, we compile all the input from this meeting and synthesize it into a confidential and comprehensive assessment report which is provided to the search committee or to the executive who will be hiring the new leader. This report includes:

  • The ideal candidate profile
  • Realistic but challenging expectations for the new leader
  • Measurable objectives used to assess performance
  • Identification of any potential barriers to success to be addressed proactively

Now, with the help of our client, our research department is well-equipped to begin a thorough review and analysis process to identify potential candidates that match the client’s specific needs. Using our proprietary method of research, we are able to find candidates who not only meet the position’s leadership requirements, but whose world view and personal values are in sync with the client’s mission. We recognize there is a unique culture specific to each faith-based organization, and it’s our job to provide our clients with the leaders best suited to serve their needs.


Technology Overload: Executive Search in the Digital Age

There are few — if any — industries in today’s economy that have not been affected by the technological advancements of the last 20 years, and the field of executive search is no different. At FaithSearch Partners, we have been able to use some of the more recent technologies to improve and enhance our search processes. We’ve found, especially when it comes to research, technology has proven to be a huge asset. Communication has certainly become more rapid, the transfer of information has become more secure, many data sources have become more streamlined, and some of our proprietary methods of research have become more reliable. However, in a world full of online job postings, professional networking sites and virtual candidate databases, there is one area of the search process that simply cannot be digitized — the interview.

No amount of technology, in an effort to save money, can replace the in-person approach we use to get to know your organization and assess the potential fit of candidates. While some executive search firms have increased the use of tele-conferencing or video-conferencing when interviewing candidates, FaithSearch Partners will simply not substitute convenience for an in-person meeting.

One cannot fully assess how a potential candidate will fit with an organization unless you meet the prospect personally and spend a few hours candidly talking with them about their world view, their background, their experience and interests and how they view their role and their opinion of your organization. Anything less thorough will not ensure the right candidate is selected.


FaithSearch Partners understands that in order to secure the best possible candidates, maintaining executive search confidentiality is vital. That is why discretion is so critical to the process and why FaithSearch commits to protecting each candidate’s privacy.

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