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Vice President, Women’s Services

Vanessa Carey is named the next Vice President of Women’s Service for Atlanta Mission. Click here to read more.

The Vice President of Women’s Services for Atlanta Mission is a critical member of the ministry’s Senior Leadership Team. He or she will coach and lead a team of Women’s Program Managers to align programs and services on two campuses located in close proximity to one another: My Sister’s House, providing overnight shelter, recovery and long term discipleship programs, and Atlanta Day Shelter, helping women gain the skills needed for employment and providing childcare and services simultaneously.

The Vice President of Women’s Services is responsible for nurturing and inspiring a sense of a community across all of the Atlanta Mission campuses, characterized by kindness, dignity, excellence and efficiency. The VP of Women’s Services will guide program focus toward the key individual attributes of physical, emotional, social, spiritual and vocational wholeness. He or she will lead a team of caring professionals, dedicated staff and partners to be used by God to see lives transformed and restored. The VP of Women’s Services is responsible for the full continuum of care and programs from emergency shelter to transitional housing as well as long-term care/rehabilitation. Food service, housekeeping, transportation and facilities are provided as a “shared service” and managed by a peer level Director Guest Services.

The Vice President of Women’s Services currently reports to the President and Chief Executive Officer, Jim Reese.

Vice President, Men's Services

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