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Vice President, Strategy & Business Development

The Lifestyle Center of America began operations in 1996. Focused on chronic disease reduction through lifestyle and weight management, the Center has made the decision to implement key changes in its method for achieving its objectives. The evolving strategic model seeks to fully develop, validate and prioritize a variety of possible distribution channels, including employers, healthcare providers, disease management companies, health insurers and managed care companies, faith-based organizations, direct-to-consumer sales, municipalities and residential communities.

The (Interim) Vice President of Strategy & Business Development, reporting directly to the President/CEO, is a timely addition who will accelerate the new revenue model and on-going internal development of The Center. He/she will provide hands-on perspective and previous metrics management experience to enhance the effective deployment of organizational products, services and intellectual property assets.

The successful candidate will develop innovative plans for product development, marketing and distribution as well as provide oversight and direction of these areas. He/she will be at the forefront of wellness thought leadership and development, able to synthesize ¬and expand current protocols/products across multiple distribution channels, and translate analysis into actionable recommendations for furthering the health based missions of Lifestyle Centers of America. The VP will work closely with the board, members of the executive and medical teams to develop and execute these suggestions as well as the overall strategy set forth by the board of directors.

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