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First Priority of America’s mission is to unite the Body of Christ with a plan of action to influence the schools with the gospel. Currently serving in 52 cities, with 2,571 First Priority School Movements, and 250,000 participants each month, First Priority is a local Church campus ministry rather than a para-church ministry. First Priority is unique from other campus ministries in the emphasis it places on networking the church to support the ministry. The ministry is currently seeking their next President to serve as the Executive Leader of the organization.

The President will be the public persona of this nationwide ministry organization and will report to the Board of Directors. This individual will be responsible for the mission and strategic direction of First Priority, as well as provide leadership in organizational and fund development, ministry operations, finances and board development.

The ideal candidate will not only exhibit Spiritual maturity through a personal faith and walk with Jesus Christ, but will have an appreciation for the role of the local church and a passion for the mission of First Priority. Interested candidates should have experience in fundraising, strategic partnerships, team and organizational development, and be comfortable with public speaking.

President of Schools
Manager, Campus Facilities and Farm Operations

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