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Major Donor Operations Director

Tom Kemner accepts newly created Major Donor Operations Director role with World Impact. Find out more at our Blog.

World Impact was birthed out of the rubble of the 1965 Watts riots in Los Angeles, when Keith Phillips made a deal with six boys who attended that initial Bible club: he promised to tell them about Jesus if they would tell him about life in the city. Today, their mission remains the same-to empower the urban poor while advancing the Kingdom in every city through local churches. Forty years later, World Impact missionaries are still making friends in the city, sharing the love of Jesus as they go. They are currently in need of a Major Donor Operations Director to oversee all major donor operations management for their organization.

The initial priorities of the Major Donor Operations Director will be assessing the current database and retaining current donors, then identifing potential opportunities for growth from an internal perspective. After the initial work for those two assessments have been completed, the Director will work with existing Major Gifts Officers to identify ways to attract new donors. In addition to major donor operations management, the new Director will be responsible for fundraising and event planning. He/she must possess a bachelor’s degree, a strong background in project management and organizational processes, and a sound Biblical and theological understanding of the role of the church. World Impact is moving towards a virtual model, so this person is not required to be located in a specific area of the country. He/she will be required to travel as needed, and will have the option of setting up an office at an existing hub if so desired.

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Vice President, Leadership Gifts

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