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Executive Director

Guy Rodgers joins Heritage Alliance as the new Executive Director. Click Here to read more.

The future Executive Director of Heritage Alliance will work closely with the founder and Chairman of the Board, Richard Ford, to insure a smooth transition of a very successful enterprise. The role is a general management position that provides the overall leadership for all aspects of Heritage Alliance, including setting and adjusting the organization’s strategy, overseeing projects, managing, hiring and training staff, and developing national level Partners for the iVoteGuide initiatives. The Executive Director will also manage the budget and work with the Board and others to raise funds that support the ongoing mission of Heritage Alliance.

Over the next three years, Heritage Alliance plans to significantly expand iVG’s coverage and product distribution. To accomplish this, the Executive Director will expand the network of partner organizations, oversee the expansion of candidate and election coverage, implement the new pricing model and build staff to support this growth. Specific plans for the iVG marketing campaign have not been finalized yet, but the Executive Director will have a significant impact on the adopted strategies. iVG is a one-of-a-kind, well-researched web-based source of information on candidates for federal elections (Republican federal primaries and all general elections) and certain state-level elections. The campaign will not advocate specific candidates, but will simply focus on voter turnout and use of iVG. As the Executive Director secures funding, Heritage Alliance intends to contract with an iVG “campaign manager” to oversee development of the marketing strategy, and creation of marketing material. The marketing material may include advertising on social media, creation of informational material, special emails or print mailings to partner constituents, and videos that can be posted on the partner or other (independent) web sites.

Executive Director
Director, Global Engagement

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