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Chief Executive Officer

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Jubilee Services, a 20-year-old community based Christian professional services organization, seeks to transform lives using work as a classroom to set high standards for personal performance. Realizing there was something missing in their communities, Jubilee focuses on men who are committed to Christ and seek to be fully engaged to fulfill their roles as men of God. Jubilee provides these men with access to Life Bridge Academy, which teaches them the skills necessary to overcome past issues, mentors in various areas, and by operating a business that process and internship of working experience. Jubilee Services’ founder, Drew Smith, is seeking a successor to take on his role as Chief Executive Officer.

Serving as the top executive to the organization, the new CEO will be responsible for creating an overall positive experience for participants, leading ongoing refinement and overseeing implementation of the key elements of Jubilee, and driving the organization to become a top tier operating company. Immediate needs of the organization will be to get the operations on track, then focus on fundraising, followed by organizing and executing fundraising needed to fund the growth of Jubilee.

As this position is located in St. Louis, the ideal candidate will be well connected in STL and the surrounding areas. He/she will have an entrepreneurial mindset, experience in, and understanding of, cross cultural settings, and be comfortable in environments with quickly changing dynamics and a high sense of urgency.

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