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Chief Development Officer

Young Life’s Chief Development Officer’s essential duties will include:

Oversee mission wide development including the following:
– Approve annual plans, including strategic focus, and budgets for all development staff and campaign directors connected to the Development Department of the Mission.
– Work with direct reports in implementing the annual plans and advising on adjustments/enhancements during the course of the year.
– Recommend to the president strategic initiatives and policies designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of development work at all levels.
– Advise the president on his major donor strategy in coordination with the mission wide director of donor relations and the Service Center directors who have major donor strategies.

Give direction and oversee the work of the mission wide director of donor relations (major donors and campaigns), field development services, foundation services and gift planning services.
– Mentor directors individually and call them to think and act strategically, leveraging their time and resources.
– Respond to requests for advice and review of plans and materials.
– Oversee preparation of budgets and review monthly during the fiscal year.
– Lead in regular Service Center Development staff meetings and retreats.

Vice President of Marketing
National Field Director

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