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Board Membership

Medical Benevolence Foundation (MBF) works to provide hope and healing to those in need through partnerships with internal partners in over 100 hospitals and clinics around the world. MBF sends medical supplies and equipment to clinics and hospitals, provides local healthcare workers with vital training, and implements healthcare programs to educate entire communities about healthier practices. The Ministry strives to go beyond the brief benefit of short-term mission trips to instead build local facilities and train indigenous medical personnel so that the communities they serve may maintain essential medical infrastructure for years to come.

MBF is currently seeking qualified individuals from across the United States to lend their time, talents, and resources to the ministry by serving on its Board of Directors. The ideal Board will be comprised of individuals with unique expertise and experience in a wide array of business and ministry leadership settings. Ideal candidates for membership will have prior board-level experience at other, larger ministries and will be authentically passionate about MBF’s mission. They will be willing to abide by the Board Members’ Code of Conduct in their service.


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