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Richmont Graduate University provides Christ-centered education and research that advances God’s work of healing, restoration, and transformation in the lives of individuals, churches, and communities. Richmont’s primary objective is to provide master’s-level training in counseling and ministry. This training occurs within the context of a structured curriculum and supervisory relationships and is designed to equip graduates to facilitate Christ-centered spiritual growth, mental health, and relational healing.

Richmont is currently seeking to expand their Board by adding a few new members, specifically with a focus on those with skills in marketing, fundraising, online education, information technology and facilities/operations management and construction. The Board has four general functions: 1) Establishment of University Policy, 2) Appointment, Support, and Monitoring of the President, 3) Financial Support, and 4) Public Relations.

The ideal Board Member will be a strong believer and committed follower of Jesus Christ, and will be passionate about Richmont and its mission. He/she will have a proven ability to contribute to both technical and strategic initiatives within their area of expertise, as well as have connections to potential high capacity ministry resource partners, and a desire, means, and availability to be present at board meetings (in-person and online) and accept Board committee work and projects as needed.

Executive Director, Graduate Program in Financial Analysis
Director of Development

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