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FaithSearch was among a select group of organizations to be a sponsor at this year’s C12 CURRENT ’19 conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Three representatives from FaithSearch’s Mission Enterprise Division – Greg Barnes, Laura Weaver, and Diane McGrath – attended the conference, which took place earlier this month and brought together over 850 C12 members and supporters from around the country. As a sponsor, FaithSearch hosted an informational booth and maintained a presence at various activities throughout the week.

“We were so grateful for the opportunity to be a sponsor at CURRENT,” says Laura Weaver, Mission Enterprise Vice President and Project Lead for the C12 engagement. “It was wonderful to get to see so many C12 members and supporters come together – we have a deep appreciation for the excellent work the C12 community does.” Diane McGrath, Mission Enterprise consultant, added, “CURRENT was great! We got to connect with our  C12 partners more deeply, and it makes such a difference to get together in person. Sharing in worship and learning reminded us all that we’re working toward the same goal of letting faith inform how we do business.”

FaithSearch’s official partnership with C12 began in early 2018, and the relationship has been going strong ever since. The Mission Enterprise team works with C12 to identify new C12 peer advisory leaders, or C12 Chairs, in various markets around the U.S. They also work with individual C12 Chairs to market C12 in strategic territories and identify talent to develop groups of Members there. To date, Mission Enterprise has completed 8 strategic territory searches, or Targeted Sourcing Projects, in addition to the ongoing national recruitment efforts.

The C12 Group is the nation’s largest network of Christian CEO peer advisory groups. C12 uses a unique, MBA-level curriculum to guide members in living out their faith as stewards in their organizations. Located in major metro areas across the United States and worldwide, C12 serves companies with 10 to 5000+ employees, annual revenues ranging from $1 mil to $1 billion+, in all industries.


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