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The Scenario:  The associate pastor, Jason, was well loved by the congregation, particularly when he first arrived at Pastor Kitchen’s church just over three years ago.  Yet now he has Pastor Kitchens worried.

Pastor Jason is well meaning, makes good first impressions on members and visitors alike, and delivers sermons that address contemporary spiritual issues.  However, he also makes many promises that he never seems to fulfill.  Recently he volunteered during a staff meeting to contact a church member who has been struggling with a known addiction, yet he hasn’t yet followed through.

Also, although Pastor Jason usually shows up at his church office every week during his posted office hours, he rarely is seen at the church at other times beyond his participation during the weekend services.  There are times when Pastor Kitchens wonders how his associate pastor really spends his time during the week to help meet the needs of the church family.

The issue has come to a boiling point this week when Jason arrived 20 minutes late to a mid-week prayer service with no explanation or apology for his tardiness.

Your Turn: What would you advise Pastor Kitchens to do?  Cast your on-line, anonymous vote below and we’ll include the combined responses in next month’s column.



How Should Pastor Kitchens Deal with his Associate Pastor?
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