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Blog: Leading with an Upright HeartThe Bible teaches us to lead with an “upright heart” when leading others and the need for humility and expertise when guiding people. But how do we lead with an upright heart and guide people with humility and expertise, and why are these qualities essential for effective biblical leadership? There are practical steps that leaders can take to lead with an upright heart and cultivate these virtues in their own lives and leadership practices.

“With upright heart he shepherded them and guided them with his skillful hand.”
Psalm 78:72

We all know that leading others is no easy task. It requires us to set an example, take responsibility for our followers and make important decisions on their behalf. By leading with an “upright heart,” we can be a good example to those we lead by exhibiting integrity, respect, and kindness. We will also commit to doing what is right even when it isn’t easy or popular. A leader who leads with an upright heart is humble, recognizing their own limitations and mistakes while still being confident in their abilities.

Leaders must also be able to guide others with humility and expertise. This means understanding our followers’ needs without becoming overly controlling or domineering. We should strive to understand our followers’ strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to make mistakes and grow while providing clear direction. Humility is also essential when guiding others as it allows us to admit that we don’t know everything and shows our followers that we are open to learning from them.

Finally, leaders should remember why these qualities are important in the first place. We need to lead with an upright heart because it is what God desires from us. We need to guide others with humility and expertise to help them become the best versions of themselves. As Christian leaders, our main goal should be to serve those we lead, not ourselves.

Leading effectively requires a great deal of effort and practice. To begin cultivating biblical leadership qualities, reflect on your values and goals. Ask yourself what kind of leader you want to be and why. Then look for practical ways to put these qualities into practice every day. This could include reading books about leadership or attending seminars that teach Christian principles. As you continue to refine your skills as a leader, remember that having an upright heart, guiding people with humility and expertise, and understanding why these qualities are important will go a long way in helping you become the kind of leader God desires.

At FaithSearch Partners, we drive executive searches with an upright heart and guide clients with humility and expertise. We understand the importance of these qualities in effective biblical leadership and strive to help our clients find the right candidates who embody them.


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