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Breakthrough Episcopal Social ServicesFaithSearch Partners is pleased to announce that Breakthrough Episcopal Social Services has selected Andy Houltberg as its new CEO and Executive Director. Breakthrough is a broad-based social services organization focused on being a Christ-centered ministry offering opportunities for positive change for those in poverty and mental illness in Wichita, Kansas. In this role, Houltberg serves as the primary voice and face for Breakthrough and is responsible for the leadership of the organization. He networks with state and local officials around public policy and funding issues and oversees the organization’s outcomes and activities along with the Board of Directors.

Breakthrough helps Wichitans break through the cycles of poverty and mental illness, thanks to generous donors and volunteers. Today, Breakthrough serves more people than at any point in its history, with approximately 60-70 members per day and 300-400 individuals annually.

Houltberg has twenty years of experience working in nonprofit organizations and faith communities. Through the years, he has served as pastor, a Hospice Chaplain, and Executive Director for a nonprofit providing homeless families with necessary resources.

Kenneth Friedel, a Board Member for Breakthrough Episcopal Social Services, stated, “We were looking for someone that fits our organization in Wichita with faith, leadership skills, and potential. With FaithSearch Partners, we got more than an executive search company, we got a team. Having FaithSearch as an advocate and intermediary was invaluable. They utilized a clearly defined process, an effective insightful assessment, and thorough research. Their team was genuine and resourceful. These guys get it!”

Bryan Fowler, FaithSearch Partners’ lead consultant on the search, stated, “We were able to connect with Breakthrough’s leadership team and board in a way that allowed us to provide options that they might not have found otherwise. Our assessment helped Breakthrough visualize what the next leader should be, and our team combined efforts to deliver a great fit for them. I’m excited about Andy’s hire and the impact he’ll have on Breakthrough and the Wichita community.”

FaithSearch Partners is the premier executive search firm in the U.S., focusing exclusively on serving faith-based nonprofits, ministries, churches, higher education institutions, athletics organizations, and faith-oriented businesses. Based in Dallas with locations in Houston, Atlanta, Denver, Birmingham, Spokane, Asheville, and Tyler, FaithSearch is able to serve faith-based clients in all regions.

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