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K-12 Christian Education Observations | FaithSearch PartnersLater this month I will watch my high school senior graduate. I will also have yearly wrap-up conversations with my rising sophomore and rising eighth grader–and oh yeah, we’ll attend my youngest’s kindergarten graduation (yes, we have a big spread). I also spend many of my days working with private Christian schools across the country. So, I’m in the thick of it, regularly thinking about these observations on the K-12 Christian education landscape.

As that glorious time known as summer “break” approaches, I thought I’d share some thoughts for consideration. “Trends” seemed a bit grandiose, so let’s call these observations. Conversation topics that seem to come up regularly in my life and work, if you will. Consider these quick hits for you to ponder during some summer downtime and possibly work into planning meetings for next year, and beyond.

Not all, but a majority of the schools I have partnered with have continued to see substantial enrollment increases. The impetus may have been related to concerns over pandemic closures, but with that in the rear-view mirror, there is an ever-increasing desire for a strong Christian foundation in education.

Despite enrollment increases, affordability remains a hurdle. Unsurprisingly, schools not experiencing growth often point to cost as the primary barrier. In an attempt to address this, I’ve seen schools developing, or bolstering, scholarships and tuition assistance programs. Others are exploring innovative models like online learning or micro-schools to reduce overhead costs.

Academic Excellence with Faith Integration.
While instruction founded upon Biblical principles remains core, I do believe there is a growing emphasis on academic excellence. More schools are striving to genuinely combine a strong Christian worldview with rigorous academics that prepare students for higher education and the workforce. I’ve seen schools implementing STEM programs and considering college preparatory curriculums in order to provide further enrichment in their academic environment.

Cultural Shifts.
The cultural landscape is changing, and many Christian schools realize they cannot exist in a bubble. These schools are figuring out how to address issues like justice, race, and inclusivity through a Biblical worldview. Schools are finding ways to integrate these discussions within their Christian mission.

Technology has clearly increased its presence, and this will only continue. More schools are figuring out how to utilize online learning platforms, digital resources, as well as innovative teaching methods. This certainly comes with its challenges (see affordability observation above), but it is not going away and Christian schools will need to consider its benefits and potential downfalls.

Navigating the journey ahead is not for the faint of heart. I do believe, however, that Christian schools are poised to best prepare students for the world they live in, now and into the future. Remember that you are not alone—the Lord has called many workers into this mission, and He will continue to do so. Remember that our God also provides us with wisdom. First Chronicles 12:32 points out that the sons of Issachar had an understanding of their times and knew what Israel ought to do. May the Lord grant you wisdom, as well as the courage to respond accordingly on the road ahead.


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