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Jessica Pommerening acts as the Director of Operations for the Dallas office and Senior Project Manager for the Mission Enterprise Division. She helps move projects toward completion by performing project and office administration tasks, which typically include production and distribution, file management, data collection, report creation, research, and team collaboration. She joined Halftime Talent Solutions in 2014 as Executive Assistant to Greg Barnes and Senior Project Coordinator.

Jessica also has previous experience in customer service and restaurant management. She served on a CARES Team with Apartment Life where she learned about event planning, budgeting, creating event calendars, and had the chance to minister to residents and management at the property.

Jessica graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with her Bachelor’s Degree in University Studies, and will complete her Master of Arts in Communication Spring 2018. She currently resides in Dallas with her husband and when she’s not working is usually with her family and friends. She has a love of travel and has been on a several missions trips to places like Germany, Finland, Denmark, Mexico, and the Philippines. While she has enjoyed all the places, Texas will always be home.

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