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Higher Education

Tomorrow's Leaders Need Leadership Today

FaithSearch Partners’ Higher Education practice focuses on securing differential Christian leadership for institutions of higher learning.

We understand the unique challenges faced by academic institutions. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals that have dedicated their careers to education through their own advanced degrees, as professors, or as administrators.

We also understand the difficulties that come with academic leadership and the traits required for success – both intellectual and spiritual.


Higher Education Search Experience

We are uniquely positioned to lead your higher education executive search because like you, we’ve dedicated our lives to academia. Our Higher Education practice lead, Andy Westmoreland, has 40+ years of experience in higher education including two college presidencies.

We know higher education. We excel at executive search. And we live our faith.

We understand the differences between a President, Provost, and Department Chair because we’ve been in your position. We recognize that in addition to the professional experience and skills required of a President, an executive in education must also possess tact, diplomacy, an understanding of the financial needs and resources of educational entities, teaching ability, a commitment to putting students first, a dedication to the school’s mission of ministry and much more.

Our team can identify the elite leaders best suited for your needs because we’ve been in your shoes. We know what works and what doesn’t. From small colleges to large universities, FaithSearch serves the complete spectrum of faith-based educational organizations. Some of our past higher education clients are featured here:

Higher Education News & Searches

Higher education searches can present unique challenges. Whether it’s working with a search committee made up of college board members or members of the faculty/staff, the approach and timeframes for a successful search are often different than searches for other types of organizations.

Not only do all the members of our team who work on search engagements have advanced degrees, but many of them have also spent time teaching in a classroom setting or a school administration position.

Check out the latest in Higher Education news and searches here:

Our Higher Education Team

We’ve been a leader in the faith-based executive search space for the last 15 years and that is directly attributable to our people and our faith. We don’t believe in hiring search consultants and teaching them your industry. We believe in hiring experienced professionals from your industry and teaching them executive search.

Our Higher Education team has more than 60 years of combined experience in the field of higher education. They’ve served in college president roles, vice-chancellor of human resources roles, as board chairs and members for academic associations, and have overseen hundreds of executive searches.

Our Higher Education team has deep experience identifying elite leaders best suited for institutions of higher learning.

Collegiate Athletics

The collegiate athletics landscape is changing by the day and leadership is more important now than ever before. Colleges and their athletic departments, conferences, teams, and players are extremely influential at all levels of collegiate sports. And many depend on the business of sports to survive.

With so much focus on sports, it’s more important than ever that the right leaders – both for the organization and the candidate – are placed in front offices and athletic departments.

FSP Service Line Athletics

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