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“As Chairman of the Board, I am pleased to announce that our new President and CEO will be…Alexa”!!!

How far from reality can this scenario be? Artificial Intelligence is no longer merely “on the horizon” – it is downright ubiquitous. From self-driving cars to remotely managing the temperature settings of your home to having your refrigerator prepare a grocery list and order tonight’s dinner, what are we missing?

This question is extremely important to our society generally, but it is also of particular importance to faith-based organizations whose missions require the utmost compassion, intuition, and sensitivity in order to succeed. Traditionally, these organizations have relied upon a well-proven course of action rooted in the human touch, or in other terms, GI – Genuine Intelligence

There is no doubt that we are in the “Data Age.” Big Data is everywhere and growing at blinding speed. But is AI really the end or rather a means to an end. Every transformative discovery that mankind has made from steam engines to microprocessors has led to a new paradigm. Therefore, we cannot ignore the significance of AI, but it should not replace GI, either. Used properly, AI functions as a support for GI – a useful tool to be wielded by a real person, a leader, exercising his or her informed judgment in critical situations.

Historically, faith-based and mission-focused organizations have been slow to incorporate and use the data that most collect one way or another, and conversely, the “human element” is often one of their greatest strengths. However, as more and more organizations turn to data-driven tactics to measure, study and enhance their practices, there is rightful concern that this human element may be lost. These organizations get it right when they recognize the need to develop a culture of analytics, however, they must also remember to adjust how they view, value and utilize this information. They must never forget that their greatest asset is their ability to employ emotional intelligence, empathy, values, networking, and creativity. Genuine Intelligence (GI) is the “talent” in talent management. GI is the “leader” in Leadership.

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