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Since mid 2018, FaithSearch Partners’ Mission Enterprise Division has been engaged in a unique sourcing project for the nation-wide Christian business leader peer advisory network, C12 Group. The project, dubbed simply, “Targeted Sourcing,” focuses on increasing C12 brand awareness and identifying talent in specific markets in partnership with regional leaders of peer advisory groups, or C12 Chairs.

While Targeted Sourcing efforts have been underway since the summer, the demand for new projects gained steady momentum through the fall, with the addition of three new markets – Charlotte, Atlanta, and Dallas/Denton. And these new cities represent less than a third of the number of projects in the queue for the first half of 2019. “We never dreamed we would have this much enthusiasm about the project — we’re thrilled!” said Diane McGrath, FSP’s project leader and chief consultant for the Targeted Sourcing effort. “Our biggest challenge now is that it is unlikely that we’ll be able to take on any more targeted sourcing efforts before May. That being said though, we really value getting to know C12 Chairs and offer marketing and talent identification assistance for them. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll see what we can do to help.”

All the hype means busy days ahead for FaithSearch’s Mission Enterprise Division, but the project is a rewarding one. “It’s a pleasure partnering with C12 Chairs and seeing how they market to their individual territories. We’re learning a lot and increasing exposure for C12 at the same time,” said Claire Kelly, marketing lead for the project.

Want to be on the list for future months? C12 Chairs interested in partnering with FaithSearch Partners can inquire at

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