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Medical Benevolence FoundationMedical Benevolence Foundation (MBF) sends medical supplies and equipment to clinics and hospitals, trains local healthcare personnel, and implements programs to educate entire communities about healthier practices. Through MBF partnerships, local medical workers get the support they need to ensure that communities receive access to vital medical care for years to come.

MBF is currently seeking qualified individuals from across the United States who are passionate about global ministry to lend their time, talents, and resources to MBF by serving on its Board of Directors. The ideal Board will be comprised of individuals with unique expertise and experience in a wide array of business and ministry leadership settings.

Ideal candidates for membership will have prior board-level experience at other, larger ministries and will be authentically passionate about MBF’s mission. S/he should be able to commit to an initial 3-year term of active service, as well as have availability to attend quarterly meetings (a mix of virtual and in-person). Candidates must also be willing to abide by the Board Members’ Code of Conduct in their service, and agree with MBF’s Statement of Faith.

For more information on the Medical Benevolence Foundation search and confidential inquiries, contact Greg Barnes ( or Za’ndra Bishop (

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