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FaithSearch Partners is proud to unveil its new website, which is designed not to simply communicate information about the firm, but to be a valuable resource for clients and leaders of faith-based organizations. The website not only features a cleaner and easier-to-navigate aesthetic, but also provides more engaging and in-depth industry information for customers and potential clients. The site aims to be a go-to source for regular, valuable content concerning assembling and developing faith-driven leadership teams and managing the transitions that result naturally within growing organizations.

The new FaithSearch site features prominently a ‘News’ section, which includes editorial posts and tips from executives within FaithSearch, company news and successful hires, and news briefs about what’s going on in the across the healthcare, academic and ministry/nonprofit industries. It also includes helpful welcome video which explains not only who FaithSearch is, but what it takes to find just the right person for a faith-based organization.

The site was built with clients in mind, keeping leaders in faith-based organizations informed of trends in the industry and how they can best put together an outstanding team dedicated to the organization, its mission, and above all, their own faith.

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