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FaithSearch Partners was represented for the 13th consecutive time at the annual National Association of Adventist Healthcare Human Resources (NAAHHR) conference as a Business Partner Sponsor. Ivan Bartolome, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of FaithSearch Partners, and Ife Olaore, Senior Associate, were in attendance at the 2019 NAAHHR Conference in Chicago, IL, from September 20-21.

NAAHHR was created to bring Human Resources leaders together from all Seventh-day Adventist healthcare organizations in an effort to collaborate and network with one another.  It is also an opportunity to receive valuable updates, tools, and resources. Several organizations attend each year, including Adventist Health, AdventHealth, Adventist HealthCare, Kettering Health Network, and Loma Linda University Health.

Bartolome has attended many of the recent NAAHHR Conferences. “This was another amazing conference with so many dedicated Human Resources leaders who remain focused on achieving the mission of their hospitals and  organizations. Our time together is re-energizing and restorative. Plus we always manage to have a bit of fun. I left the conference inspired again and look forward to our next conference in Denver,” says Bartolome.

Every year Bartolome brings a surprise to the conference, such as Mickey Mouse for the Orlando conference in 2015, cowboy hats to the Dallas conference in 2016, or Hershey’s bars to the Pittsburgh conference in 2018.  This year FaithSearch brought Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox baseball hats, Cracker Jacks and Wrigley Gum. Bartolome states, “We can’t always get Mickey Mouse to attend as a part of our sponsorship. But we try to tie in something relevant to the location of the conference.”

If you would like to know more information about FaithSearch’s involvement in the NAAHHR annual conference, please contact Bartolome at Learn more about NAAHHR by visiting their website here.

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