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Faith in Media Leadership Interview Series: Jason Sharp | FaithSearch PartnersWelcome to our Faith in the Media interview series on Christian Media Leadership, where we delve into the minds and experiences of influential leaders in the field of Christian media. In this series, we aim to explore the unique challenges and opportunities faced by these leaders, as they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of media and technology while staying true to their Christian values. Join us as we gain insights, wisdom, and inspiration from these remarkable individuals who are making a profound impact in spreading the message of faith through various forms of media. In today’s installment, we check in with Jason Sharp, Senior Vice President for Media at the University of Northwestern, St. Paul.

Since graduating from Olivet Nazarene University in 1993, Jason Sharp has devoted his life’s work to the calling placed on his heart as a young man, to passionately serve God through the ministry of Christian radio. Jason and his family followed that call in 2007 when they relocated from Tennessee to Minnesota in order to be a part of the Northwestern family.


Q: As a leader in Christian Media, why do you do what you do?

“Although it was 39 years ago, I can remember it like yesterday – the day that God put a call to ministry on my heart. It took some time for me to determine what that specific calling was, but once it was in plain view, I committed my life to Christian media and have never done anything different. I do what I do because of the fulfillment I receive in living out God’s plan for my life.”

 Q: What are your thoughts on AI and how it might impact Christian Media?

“Like any technological advancement, we need to pay attention to it, but I don’t believe that we go “all in” until we know for sure that it’s going to make a difference in what we do each day. Our business is about human connection, 1:1, and on the street. I believe that in every market where there is a local Christian station, the next level of growth for that station is by humans serving humans in the community.”

Q: What do you see as the greatest challenges for Christian Media in the next 5 years?

“There is no shortage of challenges to what we do each day. I believe that one of our greatest challenges is mediocrity. The desire to let things slide because of a lack of resources or leadership burnout. Pressing on, holding the line, and not giving up – big challenges facing our industry and our leaders.”

Q: What advice do you have for mid-level leaders that desire to grow to Senior Leadership roles in a Media Company?

“Make it known that you desire to grow. The right kind of Senior Leader will be honored that you let them know and will look for ways to advance you. The wrong kind of Senior Leader will be intimidated and marginalize you. It’s a risk, but one worth taking.”

Q: As a leader of a Christian Media organization, how would you define success:  1. as a leader 2. for your organization

“As a leader, I want the people I work with to be fulfilled, passionate and fired up for the work they do each day. As an organization, to be 1% better today than yesterday.”

Q: What should the #1 priority be for Christian leaders in media? 

“A ministry will grow when, and only when, you invest in your people, treat them well, and help them thrive like never before. That should be our highest priority.”


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