Faith-Based Nonprofit and Ministry Headlines in June 2015

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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Names Interim President

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, one of the largest college ministries of the nation, has appointed Jim Lundgren as its interim president after its previous leader of 14 years, Alec Hill, had to step down to undergo treatment for bone cancer. Christianity Today reports that an internal task force within the organization is currently conducting a search for the new president. This change comes as IVCF has been the subject of some controversy for requiring its student leaders to adhere to its beliefs, resulting in the ministry being de-recognized by California State University and moved off campus at Vanderbilt University.

Kevin Hagan Says Good-Bye to Feed the Children; Travis Arnold is Interim CEO

As of the end of May 2015, Feed the Children’s CEO Kevin Hagan has left the organization and moved on to the American Diabetes Association, according to Patheos, leaving the company in the hands of interim CEO Travis Arnold, the COO of FTC. Arnold also serves as the president of the organization’s wholly-owned subsidiary FTC Transportation, which is a for-profit company. Though FTC has been under fire over the last six years for misappropriation of funds and scandals involving its founder Larry Jones, Hagan wrote in a blog post about his leaving that he was proud of the “positive changes” implemented during his tenure.

This Christmas, World Vision’s Gift Catalog celebrates 20 years of charitable gifts touching over 7 million lives

World Vision will celebrate the 20th year of its gift catalog this Christmas, which, according to a news release, has grown to serve more than 7.3 million people around the world via 790,000 donors since its inception. The catalog allows donors to chose sustainable gifts like livestock, transportation and education, that will help the recipients take one step further toward breaking the cycle of poverty, rather than a simple one-time handout. A recent study serves as proof for this approach, concluding that livestock aid and training can give the poor a strong economic boost that lasts, evidenced by one country in the study that saw an economic return of 433 percent.

How Can Christian Organizations Protect Their Religious Freedom From Gay Marriage, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Challenges?

The Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and Alliance Defending Freedom have released a free legal guide called Protecting Your Ministry to assist churches and other faith-based organizations in navigating the legal implications of sexual orientation and gender identification nondiscrimination ordinances in today’s culture. The Christian Post reports that the document, for example, suggests that Christian churches, schools and ministries should have a facility use policy and that statements of faith include a statement on marriage, gender and sexuality as well. The document is available for download from the ERLC’s website.

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