Faith-Based Nonprofit and Ministry News Headlines in August 2015

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Ex-Charity Navigator CEO Takes New Role Helping Nonprofits Assess Performance

Former Charity Navigator CEO Ken Berger has been named the new managing director at Algorhythm, an organization that helps nonprofits use data to measure their performance, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. While he was still with Charity Navigator, a prominent nonprofit ratings group, Berger says he recommended Algorhythm as an affordable option for organizations to utilize performance-measurement systems, some of which were required by grant makers. In his new role, Berger will help the company expand to work with a wider variety of nonprofits, as it currently focuses on youth services and child welfare. Charity Navigator announced Berger’s successor, Michael Thatcher, a Microsoft veteran, earlier in August.

Covenant House To Get New Home Inside Affordable Housing Complex

Covenant House, a nonprofit refuge for homeless youth on New York City’s West Side, announced it will be getting a new facility in the area, DNA Info reports. The complex will not only contain the organization’s headquarters and local programs, but will also include affordable and supportive housing units. The complex will be constructed between West 40 and 41st streets and 10th and Dyer Avenues. Covenant House also hopes to preserve and restore the West 40th Street Carnegie Library, which it would utilize for its services including health, residential, employment, education, life skills, and more.


No Celebrity, Just Hard Work at this International Justice Mission

Cohn Wu and her team at International Justice Mission is working hard to rescue young girls in areas like Cambodia and the Ivory Coast who have been sold into sex trafficking, and they do it without celebrities, Nonprofit Quarterly reports. IJM works with local government to enforce laws against human trafficking in legal cultures that often favor the rich, including brothel owners and pimps, who can often be connected to or protected by the police. Removing the girls from their dire situations is important, but IJM recognizes this is only part of the problem. Reforming the public justice system is also crucial. IJM co-founder Gary Haugen adds that the only way to truly eradicate poverty is to first address the problem of violence that undermines these efforts.

Richard Stearns, President of World Vision, Appears on BetterWorldians Radio

BetterWorldians radio, an online show and podcast highlighting people and ideas making the world a better place, recently featured World Vision President Richard Sterns as a guest, according to PR Rocket. Sterns spoke on the progress World Vision is making in the world toward fighting the causes of poverty and injustice. He says the amount of people who have been enabled to rise above extreme poverty in the last 25 years is “remarkable,” more than any other time period in history. Sterns also discussed World Vision’s various areas of service, including child sponsorship, clean water initiatives, and disaster relief. The organization is currently one of the largest humanitarian nonprofits in the world.

Our Boards in Our Brands: An Aspiration

Jeanne Bell highlighted ideas in Nathalie Laidler-Kylander and Julia Shepard Stenzel’s nonprofit management book The Brand IDEA: Managing Nonprofit Brands with Integrity, Democracy, and Affinity in Nonprofit Quarterly she believes will help boards of directors not only improve the organization internally but bridge the gap between what’s going on internally and the external perception. Bell says ensuring board members are “all in” on not only the mission but the organization’s values, practices and strategies, helps them become “brand ambassadors” to the rest of the world. Rather than simply making sure paid staff has a clear understanding of and supports the organization’s efforts, ensuring the board members do as well will promote unity and help communicate the brand to others.

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