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Higher education searches can present unique challenges. Whether it’s working with a search committee made up of college board members or members of the faculty/staff, the approach and timeframes for a successful search are often different than searches for other types of organizations.  Not only do all the members of our team who work on search engagements have advanced degrees, many of them have spent time teaching in a classroom setting or in a school administration position.

We understand the difference between a President, Provost, Department Chair or Headmaster. We recognize that in addition to the professional experience and skills required of a President, an executive in education must also posses tact, diplomacy, an understanding of the fiscal needs and resources of educational entities, teaching ability, a commitment to putting students first, a dedication to the school’s mission of ministry and much more. Our team is able to identify these types of elite leaders best suited for our clients’ needs.

From preparatory academies to small colleges and large universities, FaithSearch is able to serve the complete spectrum of faith-based educational organizations.

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Meet the FaithSearch Support Team

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At FaithSearch Partners, we’re blessed to have an exceptionally dedicated and knowledgeable support staff – it’s one of our firm’s most important assets that sets us apart and helps us deliver outstanding client service. With more than 70 years of combined experience in the field of executive search, our talented team enables the FaithSearch hallmark…

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Personal Thoughts from Ed Fry, CEO/Founder, FaithSearch Partners, Inc. In my daily morning devotional, I recently read through the Book of Revelation, the “capstone” book of the Bible. Revelation can be difficult to understand and interpret, but the outcome is easy to understand: “God Wins!” While reading Chapter 18, which focuses on “The Fall of…

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At Easter, The Cross Reminds Us to Keep Forgiveness Central in All We Do

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As we think about Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, we remember how following His example of forgiveness makes us better leaders. Recently, the company that FaithSearch uses to conduct candidate background checks announced that they will no longer include arrests and non-convictions in their screening reports. While some may object to this change, claiming that…