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Do-It-Yourself Executive SearchThere’s likely a lot riding on your next executive hire. The candidate selected will have a direct, immediate, and lasting impact on your organization for years to come. The right selection can set you apart and on an upward trajectory that will impact the lives and communities you serve for generations.  The wrong selection can inhibit growth, damage your reputation, and set the organization back for years.  Not to mention the financial and resource impact of performing multiple executive searches for the same position. Get it right and you’ve “built your house upon a rock.”  Get it wrong and the organization may be building on sand.  Before you go down the do-it-yourself executive search path, ask yourself, “Is it worth it?”

While you may be tempted to turn over an important executive search to your internal team, a specialized retained search firm like FaithSearch Partners comes with significant advantages:

  1. Executive search is what we do.
    That’s it and that’s all.  Our team has been in the executive search business for more than 30 years and has a proven track record of securing the best candidates for the position and for your organization.

  2. We excel at targeting “passive” candidates.
    Anyone can put feelers out on LinkedIn or look through job boards for candidates. We find candidates who are likely not even looking for a new opportunity, and we assess on experience, success, and cultural “fit” before presenting them to you.
  3. We have a process.
    Our simple 3-step process is designed so you can focus on your mission while we manage your executive search. Sure, there are a lot of details, but it really comes down to assess, execute and complete. We assess your organizational culture and develop a candidate profile.  We execute a comprehensive, structured, proprietary search process to identify, persuade and evaluate the best candidates available. Finally, we work with the decision-makers at your organization to shepherd the selected candidates through your own interviews, evaluation, and negotiations to complete the process with a successful hire.
  4. We partner with you.
    We get to know your organization and what you value in a candidate. We research your organization. We talk to your board members, your team members, and the people the right candidate will lead. We then personally and thoroughly interview the best prospects to determine an experiential, talent, chemistry, and cultural match with your organization.  We partner with you during the candidate onsite visits to enhance the candidate and client experience, complete referencing, and often serve as the intermediary during offer negotiations.
  5. Our work is guaranteed.
    We stand behind our work. We are confident that the leaders we secure for your organization will have an impact on your organization for years to come. Our 98% success rate and thousands of successful executive searches provide the confidence to know that we’ll deliver for you.

 With so much on the line with your next executive hire, you shouldn’t be asking if you can afford it. The question you should be asking is, “Can you afford not to?”

 If your nonprofit, academic, or athletic organization deserves the best leadership, then retaining FaithSearch Partners may very well be the best decision. Don’t rely on a do-it-yourself executive search.

 Contact the FaithSearch team today to begin your search.

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