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3 Steps to Creating an Organizational Profile

Executive search does not begin by drafting an initial job description or with first round candidate interviews. The FaithSearch Partners thorough, consultative process management approach to leader search begins by compiling an overall Assessment Report. Based on several onsite interviews with the client, the Assessment Report is divided into sections, including an Organizational Profile, a search timetable, position specifications and an Ideal Candidate Profile.

The Organizational Profile is the foundation of the Report and arguably its most critical component. This document provides a general overview of the organization, its history, its leadership and strategic plan as well as anything else a potential candidate might be interested in knowing on a broad level. Our consultants work with each client to identify their organization’s core values and create an Organizational Profile that is reflective of both their current state and future goals.

At FaithSearch Partners, we believe that the search process is a two-way street and recognize that during a search, the candidate is evaluating the client just as much as the client will be evaluating candidates. The Organizational Profile is essential for us to gain the focused, in-depth understanding of our client’s organization necessary to ensure a successful search outcome. The Profile also serves as a channel through which a client is able to share an abundance of information and materials with candidates early on in the process. This provides prospects with the information they need to better assess their interest and “fit,” while sending a positive message of transparency, professionalism and hospitality to the candidate.

Creating an Organizational Profile

1. Review your organization’s mission, vision, philosophy and core values. Current guiding principles should:

  • Reflect the organization’s culture and standards
  • Present the organization in a clear and honest way
  • Be in-line with the organization’s goals for the future
  • Be revised if they do not satisfy all of these requirements

2. Compile an organizational brief. Things to include:

  • When the organization was founded, why and by whom
  • An overall analysis of the current state of the organization
  • Executive timeline including tenures and brief summary of former leaders who’ve served in the role you’re seeking to fill
  • Recent events that have impacted the organization and any effect they will have on the new leader
  • Organizational governance structure or chain of command diagram relative to the new leader’s role
  • List of all regulatory, legal, advisory and/or governing boards to which the new leader must answer

3. Provide an analysis identifying the internal and external factors with the potential to influence the organization’s success including:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

The Organization Profile along with other components of the Assessment Report should reflect an organization in a clear and honest way. While we believe the integrity of the Report lies in its straightforward portrayal of an organization, we advise that discretion be used when distributing the document to potential candidates. Organizations should be careful not to reveal any proprietary information to illegitimate candidates. Once a serious prospect has been verified, proceed by engaging in a transparent, two-way search process with the candidate.

For more information on Organizational Profiles or Assessment Reports, please contact us on any of our social media platforms or send an e-mail to one of our expert consultants directly.

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