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FaithSearch Partners, a leading executive search firm serving faith-based organizations, announced today it donated $120,000 to various ministries and faith-based organizations in 2014. The release of the statistic is a well-timed celebration for the firm, as it recently entered its ninth year of service March 1, 2015.

As part of its company tithing policy, FaithSearch Partners is committed to giving back to its clients, to in turn support their unique mission of ministry.

“Our clients are all incredible organizations doing great work in the world,” said Ed Fry, President of FaithSearch. “We are honored to work with these organizations and are excited to see what other amazing things they will do in the future.”

The firm was founded in 2007 in response to the need for a firm specializing in finding quality executives specifically for faith-based organizations. Leaders in these companies must fit a unique profile; they must be successful leaders and managers as well as individuals who possess the personal values and commitment level that align with the mission of the company. This rare calling requires a specialized search firm familiar with the industry and culture of faith-based organizations to determine the right person for the position.

“We believe strong business skills and strong Christian values are not mutually exclusive; a belief we’ve proven to be true with every search we complete,” Fry said. “Faith-based organizations are just as deserving of the highest quality executives as other companies, and we are proud to have played a role in managing searches for outstanding leaders for our clients.”

FaithSearch Partners has managed more than 130 executive-level searches since its inception, and its consultants have managed more than 450 searches in their collective experience. For more information, please visit

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